Isobel Gillman

It was my great good fortune to be introduced to Allan Hopper, by a fellow lover of travel, in 2005. Since then all my travel experiences have been stress free. I know Allan is always looking out for the best deals for me, not necessarily the cheapest as I like to travel in comfort. He is always up to date with what is happening in the travel industry so I know I can rely on him to keep me informed of aspects of travel I should be aware of. He runs his business efficiently and constantly monitors and checks all aspects of his clients’ travel arrangements. He strives to do all he can to enhance the travel experience for his clients. He has developed an excellent smart phone app which allows each aspect of your trip, and all necessary documents, to be available at your fingertip. This app also allows for instant updating should there be any changes to schedules etc. I am writing this testimonial at a time when the world has had to stop travelling and none of us know for sure what the future holds. I know that even now Allan is working as hard as ever, despite being unable to earn income for his efforts, to ensure clients with cancelled bookings can reschedule and be on their way again with minimal fuss. I for one can’t wait and will have my suitcase packed ready to be off with the expert assistance of hopperound!