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Allan Hopper


Allan was born in Ireland and started working for Aer Lingus at Dublin Airport in 1980.

With 8 years airline experience under his belt, Allan moved to Australia in 1989 and started working as a Travel Consultant at Travel Warehouse.  He then became the Store Manager at Exact Travel and Bon Voyage/Pronto Travel before creating his own businesses – Celtic Travel Services, travel.com.au and Travel Partners.

With over 38 years in the airline and travel industry, it was time to create a new venture and branding.

hopperound commenced trading on 1st July 2018.


Anita Hopper 

Anita is our Accounts Manager.

Anita is based in Ireland and manages all of our mid-office and back-office systems as well as providing training and support to our Travel Agents.


For years, people said ‘You should use your surname for your travel agency name.’  For me, my surname was just a reminder of all the nicknames I had when I was at school so it never occurred to me as a good idea.

My Dad always played with words and passed that on to me.  When I started to play with Hopper, hopperound was the first name that came to me.  It took me a few years to realise that it had huge potential, so it became our business name.


Our hopperound Travel Agents are independent agents, operating their own businesses under the hopperound brand.

We support, mentor, train and guide our agents to be successful and to have access to the best systems available.


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Allan Hopper