Welcome to Hopperound, created by Allan Hopper

Allan Hopper


Born and raised in Ireland, Allan started working in the travel industry in 1980 with Aer Lingus at Dublin Airport.  He started in Reservations at Head Office, then moved to Ground Operations where he worked at Check-In, Departures, the Transfer Desk, Arrivals, Baggage Tracing, VIP/First Class Concierge and the Ticket Desk.  In the summer of 1985, he even did a 6-month stint as cabin crew.

With 8 years airline experience under his belt, Allan moved to Australia in 1989 and within a few weeks got his first job in a travel agency in Sydney.  The way the industry worked in Australia was very different but his airline experience, coupled with his IATA/UFTAA preliminary and advanced diplomas in travel agency operations and fares & ticketing, meant he quickly learnt and became one of the top consultants in his first year.

Within a few years, he became the manager of a travel agency, then another, before creating his own travel agency in 1994 – Celtic Travel Services, with his then business partner, Georgina Finn.

Moving on from Celtic Travel Services in 2003, Allan created his own mobile travel agency and operated that from 2003 to 2014, including 5 years from Ireland.  Returning to Australia in 2013, Allan redesigned his mobile travel agency as a member of Travel Partners and operated that from 2014 to 2018.

On 1st July 2018, after much preparation and background work, Hopperound commenced trading.

Anita Hopper 

Anita, Allan’s sister, joined his mobile travel agency in 2015.  She had no travel agency experience, however her attention to detail and work ethic is what gave Allan the idea of asking her to work with him.

She quickly learned and is now very experienced in all travel agency practices.

Based in Ireland, Anita takes care of all our mid-office/back-office systems and accounting.


For years, people have been saying ‘You have such a good surname for travel, you should use it!’  For me, my name was a reminder of all the nicknames I had when I was at school so it never occurred as a good idea to use it.  Hopper Travel was suggested but, to me that is a tautology and I also wanted to move away from having the word ‘travel’ as part of my business name.

My Dad was always good with words and I like to think he passed some of that on to me, so I started to explore how to use Hopper in my business name.  Then, one day I came up with Hopperound, a twist or pun on my surname and it just clicked.  Everyone knows I specialise in travel, so Hopperound was born.  I love creating, reinventing, looking at new ways to do things and I’m very excited about the future for Hopperound.


Created in July 2018 and launched in February 2019, we are adding travel agents to our business.

Our Travel Agents are 100% independent, operating their own business under the Hopperound brand, with our expertise and support.

We are delighted to welcome our first travel agent and we are looking forward to adding more in the near future.


Thank you for visiting our website!

Allan Hopper